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Vulcan.Net - Information, projects etc.

This page is about the new dotnet language Vulcan.Net (http://www.govulcan.net).)


(1) SMTPmail
This is a small project in Vulcan.Net. It will be a starting point for mail functionality in our course administration software (EP-KursAdmin).
There are two classes, "ed_smtpmail" and "ed_configure".
"ed_configure" is used to store some configuration information about the SMTP server.
"ed_smtpmail" is used to do the actual sending of the mail(s). This is done via the SmtpClient class in System.Net.Mail namespace.

I have implemented "To", "Cc", "Bcc" and attachments as strings. If there are more than one address (or attachment), use the semicolon ";" as a separator.
Authentication via username/password is also implemented, as are the possibility to use any port. SSL is implemented, but I haven't tested it...

There is also a small test app to show you how to use the classes.
Please read "Readme.txt" in the SMTPmail_test project!!
June 2009
Converted to VS2008 solutions (and "cleaned", i.e. no dll:s or exe files included, which means you have to download both files if you want the "test").

Download the SMTP classes: ed_smtpmail.zip (6 KB)
Download the test app: SMTPmail_test.zip (16 KB)
(The Vulcan runtime dll:s are not included!)

(2) Load Assemblies dynamically
In our current VO app we have made some "Customizations" via dynamically loaded DLL:s. When starting a specific Window/Function, our main program first checks if there is a "Customer DLL" (we have som specific name standards for this). If there is a Customer DLL, this will be loaded and a special "Customer" Class will be instantiated instead of the "Standard" Class.
This "Customer" Class has some standard methods that always has to be there (they are also always in the "Standard" Class). The "Customer" Class instantiates the "Standard" Class and makes it's "standard" functionality available together with changed and new funtionality in the "Customer" Class.
This has worked very well and this small VS 2005 Solution shows how to do it in Vulcan.NET. It's not Rocket Science, but seems to work...

Download the VS Solution: LoadAssemblyDynamic.zip (28 KB)

(3) "Visual Objects and .NET: Better Together!" (Ginny Coughey)
A very good (and easy to follow) document about using C# libraries in Visual Objects (via COM).
The same can be done with Vulcan.NET and this is explained in "Vulcan.NET At Warp Speed".

Read Ginny's document here (PDF - 3,2 MB): "Visual Objects and .NET: Better Together!" (Ginny Coughey)


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